Majorelle Capital

Excellence, Commitment and Confidentiality


  • We provide tailored, independent and unconflicted advice and are committed to deliver the right advice in every situation
  • We are an integrated advisory team able to provide the entire spectrum of M&A and financing advice

Commitment and excellence

  • We provide a highly-experienced cross-border team with a strong track record of successful transactions
    International integrated team delivering local access to potential bidders on a global basis
    Combining transactional expertise with a creative approach, we aim to secure the best possible outcome
    Know-how to position the Company in order to extract value from bidders
    One dedicated team – from the pitch to the closing
  • We promise senior level attention and focus throughout the entire process
  • We deliver outstanding results and exceed our clients’ expectations

Unique international platform

  • Unique access to the top management of the largest African companies 
  • We have the network, knowledge, language skill in order to originate, structure, execute and exit investments across the region

Industry and transactions expertise

  • We operate as dedicated sector-focused teams, each with in-depth, industry-specific knowledge and a track record of successful transactions know-how to execute successfully a large range of transactions